IX Gala of Logistics

During International Conference on FlexSim in Academia 2018 will be organized
IX Gala of Logistics.

GALA of Logistics it is a public presentation of student projects performed for companies in the Wielkopolska region: Solaris Bus & Coach, Beiersdorf Manufacturing, ATRES Intralogistics, GoodFood, … Projects are realized by 3th year students of Logistics, during one summer semester – from march to june.


  • Implementation of modern technologies (high technology) into business life.
  • Establish a permanent cooperation between the Department of Management Engineering (Poznan University of Technology) and companies in the Wielkopolska region in the effective use of simulation to solve complex business problems.
  • Presentation of student teams – future employees in Wielkopolska’s enterprises.


  • Students have the opportunity to see how industry works and gain practical experience.
  • Companies receive technical support, try new technologies without considerable investment, and are introduced to potential employees.
  • Wielkopolska region increases business productivity and attracts new investments and talented people.


Information about this event will be updated during the project realization.

For now – short presentation from VIII Gala of Logistics!!


More information about previous Galas of Logistics can be found on website