Dear Guest – the registration for the ICFA conference is making via e-mails: – for authors of conference papers – for other participants


If you want take participation in ICFA2018 sent e-mail to us with information.
The participation fee for authors of conference paper is 0 PLN, it is sponsored by Atres Intralogistics Sp. z o.o.

During the ICFA2018 will take place the IX Gala of Logistics. The IX Gala of Logistics – it is the public presentation of student projects performed for companies in the Wielkopolska region: Raben, Solaris Bus & Coach, Ster, Promag, TrioLine, Terravita, Logisystem, Vinylpex, Unilever.  More information about IX Gala you will find here: GALA9_info